Essex County road construction, closures to continue into November

Essex County issued an update Tuesday on road construction and closures throughout the region, and sections of a number of major roads will remain closed throughout November.

Among those routes is County Road 42, which will remain closed between County Road 25 and Patillo Road until Nov. 15. That section of roadway has been closed since Aug. 12.

Lakeshore Mayor Tom Bain acknowledged that the road restrictions have caused traffic backups in certain parts of his community, adding that "we've tried to put into place measures that would help it out."

"Unfortunately, we're still getting some of those backup problems," he said. 

According to Bain inclement weather and construction delays have contributed to lengthy construction times. 

Kate Bueckert/CBC

"Whenever you're doing construction, you certainly run into … weather problems and there's been other work delays along the way that have caused the backup in the program," he said. "Certainly we're not pleased with it, but it's a situation we've got to face."

Heavy rains over the past few months have largely been responsible for weather-based delays, according to Bain. 

"If you had nice sunny weather, it's full steam ahead," he added.

Below is the full list of road closures:

  • County Road 2 will be closed between Creekside Road and Concession Road 1 for a culvert replacement on Nov. 4 and 5 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on both days.
  • County Road 20 will be closed between County Road 23 and Iler Road until Nov. 15.
  • County Road 29 will be closed between Highway 3 and County Road 34 until Nov. 22.
  • County Road 42 will be closed between County Road 25 and Patillo Road until Nov. 29.

Below is the full list of lane restrictions:

  • County Road 2 will have lane restrictions between Wallace Line and Patillo Road until Nov. 10
  • County Road 19 at the Highway 401 ramp will be reduced to one lane until Nov. 8.
  • County Road 20 will have lane restrictions at the Turkey Creek Bridge until Nov. 29.
  • County Road 50 will have lane restrictions from Evergreen Road to Country Road 23 until Nov. 8.
  • County Road 50 will also have lane restrictions between Municipal Number 1501 to Ford Road until Nov. 8.
  • The intersection of County Road 11 and North Talbot will have lane restrictions for an unspecified amount of time.