Esterhazy Administrator Gains Title of CAO

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Mayor Grant Forster called the regularly scheduled council meeting to order for the Town of Esterhazy at 6:30 PM April 14, 2021, with all members present.

The council began with reviewing the agenda before Councillor Nickell made a motion to accept the agenda as reviewed; motion carried.

Next, the council reviewed the minutes of the last regularly scheduled meeting before Councillor Rowland made a motion to accept the minutes as reviewed; motion carried.


The council reviewed the Trial Balance for March 31, 2021, the List of Accounts, as well as the Source Deductions. After a short discussion, Councillor Bot made a motion to accept the Financials as reviewed; motion carried.


The council reviewed the Public Works Report as sent in by the foreman. CAO Thorley answered any questions the council had due to the absence of Foreman Meyer who is on holiday.

The Planning/Development Report was next with Tammy MacDonald. MacDonald reported there was a building permit that requires council approval for a secondary suite. Councillor Nickel made a motion to allow the secondary suite; motion carried. Emerging has sent in the quote for a conceptual design for the new parcels of land the town is developing. Councillor Rowland made a motion to allow this; motion carried. There are three agreements that the town has that need updating and MacDonald is working on getting them updated.

The Community/Development/Recreation Report with Brenda Redman was next. The Dana Antel arena is closed for the season, a member of one of the rental groups ended up with COVID-19. The S.M. Boreen Center is operating well with walking in the hall. There are some damages needing repair for the D.A. Mackenzie Aquatic Center and quotes are being obtained to fix the ground seepage going on; they are also looking to hire lifeguards for the season. The council is planning a town-wide cleanup with free access to the dump. The date for this will be May 11 - 15. With a motion by Councillor Flick, the motion was carried.

Then, Fire Report was reviewed.

CAO Mike Thorley was next to give his report. As of March 30, Thorley finished his training and is now Chief Administrative Officer. Councillor Pfeifer made a motion to accept Thorley as the CAO. Councillor Rowland made a motion to accept the reports; motion carried.


The council reviewed the Audited Financial Statement draft. Councillor Rowland made a motion to accept the draft Audited Financial Statement; motion carried.

The Landfill 2021 - 2022 Rates were next on the agenda and the discussion was tabled.

The 2021 Education Property Tax Mill Rates was discussed which was put out by the Ministry of Government Relations. The council reviewed the information and Councillor Petracek made a motion to accept them. There is an increase from 4.12 to 4.46 in the rate; motion carried.


The council reviewed the correspondence as received by the town over the last two weeks. Correspondence included East Central Transportation Planning Committee - AGM, Municipalities of Saskatchewan - Member Communication, Government of Saskatchewan - Potash Tax Sharing Regulation Amendments, AccessCommunication - Keeping Saskatchewan Connected, Municipalities of Saskatchewan- Municipal Update, UMAAS Update - Newsletter, Municipal Potash Tax Sharing Administration Board and Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council - Waste Reform. Councillor Bot made a motion to file the correspondence; motion carried.

Councillor Rowland made a motion to move In-Camera; motion carried.

Gary Horseman, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Four-Town Journal