Esterhazy church adapts to Covid-19 restrictions by using podcasts

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While the Government of Saskatchewan has imposed restrictions to in-person gathering sizes for places of worship, Esterhazy Baptist Church has adapted by utilizing podcasts for those unable to attend the sermons in person.

Currently the guidelines restrict gathering sizes to 30 per cent of a church's capacity, up to 150 people.

Pastor Robert Moss explained that they began doing podcasts and offering dial-in sermons for those without internet.

“We certainly followed the provincial guidelines. We started connecting with email more than we used to and we began a webpage and podcast as well as a dial-in sermon. Now we also need to use online booking to reserve seats and things like that. Certainly connecting with people over the phone as well have been some of the main things.” Moss said. “We have the dial-in sermon for people who don’t have the internet to come and call and listen to that week’s message. We also have our podcast on our webpage so people can listen or read there.”

Through savings, Moss says that they have been able to maintain their budget and keep afloat despite all the unexpected costs brought on due to the pandemic.

There have been some concerns expressed by Moss around the children’s ministries their church has been unable to offer due to the pandemic.

“One of the biggest things that I feel we are missing because of COVID-19 is our children’s ministry. I’m concerned that we’re not able to minister to our children the way we used to. Adults can sit down and listen to a sermon, but that’s not how you relate to children. It’s difficult to do that and maintain that six-foot distance between you and each child. That’s been the biggest thing I think that’s taken a hit. So I think we need to keep praying for the kids.”

Moving forward, Moss expressed interest in continuing the podcast and dial-in sermons for those interested.

Spencer Kemp, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The World-Spectator