Esterhazy Council Discusses Rink and Usage

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Mayor Forster called the regularly scheduled council meeting for the Town of Esterhazy to order at 6:30 P.M. on January 27, 2021, with all members present and accounted for.

The council reviewed the agenda before Councillor Nickell made a motion to accept the agenda; motion carried.

Moving on, the council reviewed the minutes of the January 13, 2021, regular meeting before Councillor Rowland made a motion to accept the minutes; the motion carried.

With no delegations present, the council reviewed the financials for the town. The list of accounts was also reviewed. Councilor Petracek made a motion to approve which was carried.

Esterhazy Town Foreman Gord Meyer gave a report to the council of what the town maintenance staff have been doing for the last two weeks. After, Community Development and Recreation Director Brenda Redman gave her report to the council. The Dana Antal Arena was discussed. Even though minor hockey will be shutting down in March, the figure skating club would still like to use the ice; therefore, the arena will remain open. The Esterhazy Curling Club has closed down, the S.N. Boreen Center is open and going strong with walking the Hall, the Community Affordability Grant has been applied to the curling rink and arena, and the town will be trying to hire ten summer students for the next summer season.

The council reviewed a written fire report and a short discussion was had about the fire department.

Acting Administrator Mike Thorley was next to give his report to the council. He mentioned that municipal guidelines require the town to have insurance coverage. Thorley informed the council that they have the insurance policy and require a motion; Councillor Rowland made the motion which was carried. The Welcome Wagon asked if the town would like the group to continue even though there are public health limitations; the council decided to discontinue it until after public health regulations are lifted. The Municipalities of Saskatchewan Virtual Meeting will be coming up from February 7-10, the auditors will be in as well. Councillor Flick made a motion to accept the report; motion carried.

Next, the council moved to old business. The council discussed Golder, a company that does climate lens assessments. Councillor Nickell made a motion to hire Golder; motion carried.

An agreement with the local schools of the GSSD was next discussed. There is an agreement between the school and the town to use the town's sports facilities; in return, the town can use the GSSD facilities (school baseball diamonds, etc.). The current agreement is several years old and requires updating. There is also a request that the grade 4 and 5 have an agreement to use the arena for the next school year for a hockey academy as a pilot project; more information will be gathered. Councillor Bot made a motion to allow the hockey academy if they receive a Sask. Lotteries grant to cover ice times; motion carried.

Carrying on, the council moved to new business, beginning with council remuneration. Councillor Rowland explained to the council that at a recent meeting it was suggested a monthly rate vs. meeting rate be used for councillor remuneration at $625.00 ($600.00 for meetings and $25.00 car allowance). Per month for councillors is what is suggested to attend all meetings. Councillor Nickell made a motion switch to monthly remuneration; motion carried.

The yearly rates were next to be discussed by the council. After a short discussion including the carbon tax increase, there will be a 15% increase in the yearly rate. It is noted that dog licence fees will be increased to $30 and the proceeds will be put towards the dog park.

The Hangar Lease agreement was next to be discussed. Councillor Petracek made a motion to enter into a hangar agreement with Tags Plumbing and Heating; motion carried.

The council was informed that all the requirements required for the Municipal Revenue Sharing Agreement have been met and require a motion by the council; Councillor Nickell made that motion which was carried.

A $500 membership fee for the East Central Transportation Planning Committee was made by Councillor Rowland; motion carried.

The council reviewed the correspondence received by the town.

Councillor Flick made a motion to file the correspondence which was carried.

Council then moved in-camera for Committee of the Whole.

Gary Horseman, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Four-Town Journal