Esterhazy Council Makes Motion to Buy Skid-steer

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Mayor Grant Forster called the regularly scheduled meeting to order for the Town of Esterhazy Council at 6:30 P.M. on March 24, 2021, with all members present.

The council reviewed the agenda before Councillor Rowland made a motion to accept the agenda as amended; motion carried.

Next, the council reviewed the minutes for the March 10, 2021, regular meeting before Councillor Bot made a motion to accept the minutes as reviewed; motion carried.

With no delegation present, the council moved on to review the financials. Financials The council reviewed the List Of Accounts before Councillor Pfeifer made a motion to accept the List of Accounts; motion carried.

Public Works Report

Foreman Gord Meyer was present to give his report. Meyer informed the council that the town has been cleaned up, the bulldozer needs work as does the packer that’s at the landfill, a bunch of signs have been knocked over on the weekend, the Ozonator has helped with the bad smell in the packer and other than that the staff have been working on cleaning up for spring.

Planning/Development Report

Tammy MacDonald Planning/Development Director was next to give her report to the council. MacDonald informed the council that they met with the engineer for the new development. MacDonald is asking to enter into an agreement with Integrated Engineer, Councillor Roland made the motion to go with Integrated Engineer; motion carried., the acting administrator is going to make sure the agreements with the landowners is up to date for the sign corridor, there has been a renewal to meet with the new subdivision prior to the next council meeting on the 14th of April, 3 building permits have been issued in the last month, and there is interest in purchasing a lot in town and a possibility for a possible 6- 8 plex coming back to town but more information will be brought to the council next meeting.

Community Development/Recreation Report

Brenda Redman, Community Development and Recreation Director, was next to address the council with her report. Redman informed the council that the Dana Antel arena will sign 2 contracts for 200 hours, there is a lot of interest in the farmers market, S.M. Boreen Center held its first COVID-19 vaccination clinic with more being held on March 26, 27 April 2 & 3. Also, there is an online process being made for the pool to help streamline the registration process, summer employment has had a great response, the interview process has started and a $5000 grant has just been granted to go towards the summer employment program in the town.

Fire Report/ Water Reports

The council reviewed and discussed the water and fire reports respectively.

Acting Administrator Report

Acting Administrator Mike Thorley was next on the agenda to review with the council what has been happening around the town office and town. Thorley informed the council there has been a person hired in the town office since COVID-19 started. Thorley is suggested hiring this individual for a temporary full-time position for 6 months as an out-of-scope communications director. Councillor Nickel made the motion to hire this individual; motion carried.

Councillor Petracek made a motion to accept the Administrative Reports as reviewed; motion carried.

Mayor/Council Reports Mayor Forster was asked to speak virtually on the Pre-School and Parent Education Program (PPEP). It was discussed that they are looking for more accessible sidewalks as well as a cross light at the museum crossing; there is also a concern that there is a need for more daycare in town.

With no Old Business arising, the council moved on to New Business.

New Business

Walker Projects – Site Assessment & Documentation Review was first to be discussed. Councillor Bot made a motion to engage Walker Projects; motion carried.

The Langenburg Activity Centre – Skid-steer was on the agenda. The council discussed the skid-steer as this unit is for sale. Councillor Nickel recommended the town purchase this skid-steer for $17,500.00. Councilor Nickel made a motion to move forward; motion carried.

Correspondence The council reviewed the correspondence received by the town including S.P.R.A. – 2021 Communities In Bloom, Municipalities Of Saskatchewan – Message From The President, Saskatchewan Common Ground Alliance, Annual Contractor Dig Safe Breakfast Program, Sama And The 2021 Revaluation, Trans Canada Yellowhead Highway Association – Call For Resolutions, Municipalities Of Saskatchewan – Member Communication, Managing Your Waste Webinar & SHA COVID-19 Town Hall, Good Spirit School Division – The Board Report. Councillor Flick made a motion to file the correspondence; motion carried.

Councillor Rowland made the motion to go in-camera.

Gary Horseman, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Four-Town Journal