Esterhazy Council Notes

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Mayor Forster called the council chambers to order to begin the regularly scheduled meeting for the town of Esterhazy to Order at 6:00 PM on October 14, 2020, with Quorum present. The council amended the Agenda and accepted the amended Agenda. Carrying on the council reviewed the Minutes, Petracek made the Motion to accept, Carried. The Council reviewed the Trial Balance with Acting Administrator Thorley reviewing them with the council, Councilor Flick made a Motion to accept, Carried. Moving on the council heard the ​Public Works report​ as submitted by the town Foreman, Tammy MacDonald was next with ​Planning & Economic Development​, ​a Sub Divison was approved with two provisions was made by Councilor Roland, Carried. An Encroachment was discussed, Council Petraceck declared a Conflict of Interest and left the Chamber, the Businesses are asking for an Encroachment onto the town sidewalk, Councilor Bot made the Motion enter into an Encroachment Agreement, Carried. Next Planning and Development Director MacDonald suggested the council accept the $7500.00 offer made by Councilor Nickel Carried. There has been a request to the town by a food truck wishing coming in on Halloween to sell candy apples and Cotton candy among other Halloween treats to the kids of town, with a $150.00 Business licence the food truck was hesitant but decided to ask the councils permission, Councilor Flick made the Motion to allow the food truck in the Hall parking lot pending Business Licence, Carried. There has been a conditional offer to the town to buy 3 lots pending the Financing, a Motion was made by Councilor Rowland, Carried. ​Community Development & Recreation Director​ ​Brenda Redman​ was next to give her report to the council with a motion to put Sask Lottery money towards the drive-in movie as it was quite expensive, Councilor Nickel made a Motion to allow this Sask lottery money go towards paying for the movie, carried, Dana Antal Arena was next discussed, the fire suppression system was first to be discussed, with no kitchen tender received it was asked if it should be done, Councilor Nickel made the Motion to get the fire suppression work done, Carried. A grant was applied for to have a door attendant for public skating and shinny times being offered at the Dana Antal Arena due to COVID at the Arena, Councilor Bot made the Motion to hire the contractual attendant, Carried. There was a major discussion about the lack of a kitchen tender for this season. Walk the Hall at the S.N. Boreen Center was discussed, with new guidelines due to COVID-19, at $10 per person per month or $50 for the 5 month, Councilor Rowland made the Motion to allow the Walk the Hall, Carried. The Fire report was reviewed, the side by side was discussed, it’s an Arctic Cat Prowler Crew that can transport 6 firefighters plus some equipment, nothing has been finalized on a purchase. The water report was next reviewed, the trees around the lagoon were removed to become compliant with Sask. Water Security Agency. Acting Administrator Thorley gave his report, there are 8 people running for 6 council seats, Mayor Forster was Acclaimed Mayor, advanced poll November 4, 2020 polling station will be the Council Chambers at the town office, from 4 pm to 8 pm November 9, 2020, is the voting day and the polling station is at the S.N.Boreen Hall. Landfill hours will be going to Winter hours starting November 1, 2020, Winter Hours are Thursday through Saturday from 11:00 AM to 5 PM, with a Motion by Councilor Flick, Carried.

The Industrial Subdivision was next discussed, there needs to be an Environmental Study done prior to selling the land, Councilor Rowland made the Motion to accept the reports, Carried,Old BusinessSign Corridor was discussed, in 2017 there was a motion to extend the sign corridor, with the recent discussions on the sign corridor it was discussed that there was no sign contracts for the sign corridor as of 2017. The Council reviewed the Correspondence, Councilor Rowland made the Motion to Accept the Correspondence, Carried. The council went In-Camera for Committee as a Whole with a Motion by Councilor Rowland, Carried

Gary Horseman, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Four-Town Journal