Esterhazy Tables the Topic of Selling Grader

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Mayor Grant Forster called the regularly scheduled Town of Esterhazy council meeting to order at 6:00 P.M. on October 28th with a quorum present.

The council reviewed the Agenda; with a couple of amendments, Councillor Petracek made a motion to accept the Agenda as amended which was carried.

Next, the council reviewed the minutes of the last regular meeting, Acting Administrator Thorley recommended the council to rescind Motion 279-20 a $7500.00 purchase of the land; Councilor Bot made a motion to rescind Motion 279-20 which was carried. The council reviewed the Financials and List of Accounts, after a short discussion Councillor Roland made a motion to accept them which was carried.

Under Administrative Reports, the Public Works Report was reviewed discussing crack filling at the airport as well as other work the maintenance staff has done. Selling a grader was discussed. Councillor Bot made a motion to sell one of the town’s graders. After a lengthy discussion, Councillor Bot made a motion for the topic to be tabled for in-camera; motion carried.

Planning & Economic Development Director Tammy MacDonald was next to give her report. MacDonald started her report with a discussion on levelling the land the town is planning on developing on the west side of town. Water drainage may be an issue. Councillor Bot mentioned to hire an engineer to look into developing this area; motion carried.

There were 2 quotes to put in the 29 to 32 signposts in the sign corridor; Councillor Bot made a motion to accept TIMCO Construction to install the signposts which was carried.

Community Development/Recreation Report was given by Recreation Director Brenda Redman. She informed the council that the Summer Enhancement Program went well, $19810 was received that almost covered the wages for the summer students. She stated that the Esterhazy Lions donated $5000 for public skating, Also, the Provincial Court starts in November. The Dana Antal Arena had no tenders for the kitchen and there are now three options; volunteers, hiring someone to work in the kitchen with the town supplying the supplies or else utilize vending machines. More information will be gathered for the decision. The Re-Open Saskatchewan Plan will be used in the arena at all times including signing-in being mandatory to be able to contact anyone who might have attended an event at the arena if a COVID-19 case is suspected as per Provincial Regulations. The Arena Policy Manual will be updated, Councillor Roland made a motion to have Administration present a discipline policy to amend; motion carried.

Next, the council reviewed the Fire Report and the rescue unit that is being looked at by the fire department. Councillor Petracek made a motion to pay anything “over and above” collected costs; motion carried.

The Acting Administrator report was given next. November 4th is the date for advanced polling and November 9th is Election Day. There will be curbside voting set up for those who want or need it. All councillors have decided to run for the council again.

The town is 3 public staff members short at this time; 2 with illness and one has not been replaced yet. The Water Treatment Plant was discussed. Remembrance Day/Veterans Day and the town’s involvement with the COVID-19 regulations were talked about next. Councillor Petracek made a motion to accept the Administrative Reports; motion carried.

Old business

The sign corridor was next on the agenda. A correspondent who has a sign up in the corridor presently sent a letter to the council. The sign corridor has not been updated since 2017 and no rent paid with no requests to update signs or signed contracts for the signs that have been there since 2017. 4 of the present signs will be relocated at the expense of the Town of Esterhazy to a location of the sign owner's preference; all signs will follow provincial standards from now on.

The dozer and Catiplier machines at the landfill were then discussed. The repair for the dozer is covered under insurance; repairs for the dozer should begin within a week and the Catipiler repairs will start this week.

It was discussed to put up salt cans on Main Street to have them available when needed. It is a good idea, but due to COVID it was very hard to follow the regulations; public works will be asked to make more effort to salt sidewalks and parking spaces in the town.

The council moved on to review the Correspondence received by the town in the last 2 weeks including Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency, Municipalities of Saskatchewan-Virtual Regional Meeting, Bylaw Enforcement Report, Municipalities Of Saskatchewan-Update, Potash Tax Sharing CentralSource - Announcement, National Defence/National Veterans Week. A short discussion followed regarding CentralSource, explaining it is a central purchasing source with the Municipalities of Saskatchewan,

Councillor Roland made a motion to file the Correspondence; motion carried.

The Council moved into the Committee of the Whole.

Gary Horseman, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Four-Town Journal