Excelsior, true believers! Etch A Sketch celebrates its 60th anniversary with limited edition releases including Stan Lee (exclusive)

Etch A Sketch Stan Lee Edition (Photo: Spin Master)

Etch A Sketch celebrates its 60th birthday this year, and the makers of the classic drawing toy has some Marvel-ous presents for budding illustrators everywhere. Spin Master — which took over the Etch A Sketch license from its creators, the Ohio Art Company, in 2016 — has four limited edition magic screens slated for release in 2020. Yahoo Entertainment has your exclusive first look at these special collectible editions, including one that features the signature image and catchphrases of dearly departed comic book legend, Stan Lee. After all, there’s no one better than the mind behind such Marvel mainstays as Spider-Man, Iron Man and the Fantastic Four to inspire you to sketch your own heroes.

Etch A Sketch Monopoly Edition (Photo: Spin Master)

Etch A Sketch isn’t the only vintage toy celebrating a birthday this year. The classic board game Monopoly turns 85 and gets immortalized with its own limited edition Etch A Sketch board, complete with “Go” and “Go to Jail” dials.

Etch A Sketch Rubik's Edition (Photo: Spin Master)

You can also get colorful with a Rubik’s edition or go cosmic with a NASA-inspired board. Each of these limited edition collectibles retail for $19.99 each and will be available on EtchASketch.com throughout the year, and at Walmart on July 12 — the day the first Etch A Sketch was sold sixty years ago.

Etch A Sketch NASA Edition (Photo: Spin Master)

Since 60 is the Diamond Anniversary, Spin Master naturally has a Diamond Etch A Sketch ready to go. This super-limited toy comes with custom crystal dials and retails for $29.99, exclusively on EtchASketch.com.

Diamond Edition Etch A Sketch (Photo: Spin Master)

And because you never want to rest on your laurels — even after six successful decades — Spin Master is innovating the toy’s design with Etch A Sketch Revolution. Available for $9.99, this is the first version that comes with a spinning screen, allowing you to make circles in addition to the usual pointy shapes. That promises to open up a whole new world of etching and sketching.

Etch A Sketch limited edition collaborations will be released throughout the year on EtchASketch.com and Walmart.

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