EU withholds criticism on Ukraine's consular service ban for men

Anitta Hipper
Anitta Hipper

The European Union will not publicly critique Ukraine’s decision to restrict consular services for men abroad, European Commission representative Anita Hipper clarified during a Brussels briefing on April 24.

“We noted Ukrainian statement,” she said.

“I don't have any specific comments on this topic... As for temporary protection directive, it does not distinguish between gender or conscription status.”

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Ban on consular services for men of military age

ZN.UA newspaper reported on April 22 that Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine ordered all diplomatic missions to temporarily suspend services to men of military age, except for processing of documents for returning to Ukraine.

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Ukrainian FM Dmytro Kuleba confirmed this information on April 23. Later, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine published explanation on the provision of consular services to men of military age, calling it a temporary step.

“After new mobilization bill enters into force on May 18, process of accepting and reviewing applications for consular actions will continue, taking into account new requirements arising from provisions of bill,” Foreign Ministry wrote.

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