Euro 2024: Scotland are nearly there - but what are your travel plans?

Some went early and made provisional plans before the campaign even started.

Others made their move after the opening triumphs over Cyprus and Spain. A rake more clamoured to make bookings after the stunning success in Norway and washout win over Georgia.

Scotland are still two points away from confirming a place at Euro 2024 next summer, but flights, boats, trains and hotels in Germany might already be in short supply.

We asked you to tell us if you've got yourself sorted yet and what your plans are and some of the responses were wild...

Cycling to Dusseldorf? Walking from Paisley?

Callum: I am cycling from my home in Partick to Dusseldorf to meet my old football coach, Felix, who helped out at my primary school in Blackburn, Aberdeenshire. We then plan to cycle between the stadia to raise money for charity.

George: My brother, my son and I have booked to visit Perth's twin city in Bavaria, Aschaffenburg. We are in a brass band and have just played a concert tour there this summer, so will maybe take instruments and play some tunes. If we get to a game then that'll be the bonus!

Anon: After the win in Norway, I organised my friend's stag do in Dusseldorf to conveniently coincide with the opening weekend.

Russell: Flying in from Singapore to somewhere in Germany, but flights not booked yet. Already booked accommodation in three different cities to cover bases.

Louis: To celebrate Scotland qualifying for the Euros without dropping any points so far, I have decided to plan my journey now. I will try to walk from Paisley to Dusseldorf!

'By half-time on Friday, we'd booked Cologne'

Matthew: Driving to Cambridge to pick my brother up - booked the Eurostar and staying in a Eurocamp in the Black Forest.

Anon: I will be getting on ferry from Stornoway to Ullapool, driving to Eurotunnel, then to Germany with three friends. In process of organising accommodation then we will be using the trains to get to wherever the team is playing.

Rob: Midway through the first half against Cyprus, my group started talking about booking flights. By half-time, we'd all booked a return to Cologne for 10 days. I've got four separate hotel bookings in four different cities, so I'm hoping the draw is kind to our schedule (and that the promise of free cancellation isn't a hoax!) Absolutely can't wait for it. My first trip abroad with the Tartan Army and won't be the last.

Colin: Eight of us booked hotel and flights a couple of months ago for Frankfurt for the first week. Slim chance Scotland will be playing in Frankfurt, but hopefully within a distance we can get a train.

Anon: Booked two weeks Frankfurt and going to use the trains, which are subsidised. It's a risk, but prices will hit the roof after the draw. But may get lucky.

Anon: Been getting up at 0400 in Australia for Scotland games since the Euro 2008 qualifiers, when I was nine. Couldn't go to Euro 2021 because of Covid but have been keeping an eye on flights from Sydney to Germany.

Aberdeen to Germany via Newcastle in a van

Callum: Me and my pals are driving from Aberdeen to Germany via the ferry from Newcastle in an eight-seater, 1988 VW LT camper van called Aalto. It's coincidentally blue and white, so very fitting for the occasion. You will no doubt hear us before you see us. It's going to be one heck of a party, absolutely buzzing. C'mon Scotland!

Colin: Flight booked for Berlin on 14 June. Train and accommodation to whichever cities Scotland end up playing in to follow.

Anon: Planning on booking a flight to Frankfurt. Accommodation is all sorted. Just pray I get my holidays approved.

Dougie: Will be driving there via Newcastle, ferry to Amsterdam. Transit/campervan. Bring it on.

Anon: Driving to Germany in Campervan. Ready made digs. Just need to find a shower now and again.

Anon: Flying Edinburgh to Brussels then train to Cologne, booked provisional accommodation in Cologne, Hamburg and Stuttgart. Will confirm accommodation once the draw has been made.

'I hope my girlfriend isn't reading this'

Scott: Booked third August. Flying to Dusseldorf on 14 June, first night in hotel there then picking up two campervans the next day - one in Dusseldorf and the other in Cologne.

Anon: Six of us booked a weekend in Cologne after the Georgia game. Complete gamble deciding that would be a relatively central location to travel to stadiums in west of Germany. Still need to sort flights though!

Anon: Accommodation for eight of us booked in Essen a few weeks ago. Good location with five stadiums within easy travelling distance. Free cancellation if the qualifying campaign goes wrong! Will sort travel arrangements once we've actually qualified and groups are known. Probably fly into Holland or Switzerland then hire mini bus and drive to Essen with Scotland songs blaring on the smart speaker!

Anon: Hope my girlfriend isn't reading this, but I've just booked flights to Germany.

Anon: Cousin lives in Vienna. We reckon we'll do a family holiday with them and, once we know the fixtures, the two of us will leave wives and kids at home for a wee train journey.

Neil: I can't really wait to be honest. I work in Aberdeen in the oil industry and six of us have hired a boat from Aberdeen to Hamburg, which also includes onboard accommodation.

Jim: Already planned it. Going in our motorhome 2-3 weeks prior to start of Euro 2024. Awaiting draw in December to find out where Scotland will play, but not too bothered as rail network in Germany is brilliant. Travel from Inverness.

Mike: Just booked a week in Cologne. Able to get to many of the stadia easily. It will be the 50th anniversary of when I hitchhiked to West Germany in 1974.

Shares, jobs & begging your mum

Anon: I am a PE teacher in a school in the west of Scotland and therefore will not be allowed time off to travel to Germany. I have been desperately trying to get a year's secondment to a position within the local authority, which would then enable me to take time off in June. So far, no luck, but if you hear of any jobs going, let me know!

Baljeet: I have been begging my mum for us to go and visit our family friends in Berlin for a holiday next summer. She is thinking about it, but I have haven't told her about that massive event happening there.

Euan: Luckily, I live and work in Germany. Just waiting for bookings of spare bed, couches, floor etc from home.

Anon: I've been putting money into shares for years waiting for the chance to see the Scots at a major tournament. I had tickets for all three matches in 2020, but of course they were cancelled. My wife (who grew up in West Yorkshire) and I went to our local pub to watch the second group match between England and Scotland. I loaned her one of my Scotland jerseys to wear and I think the blue dye seeped through her skin as she's coming with me to Germany.

Ross: Nothing wild. I've lived in Stuttgart for the past eight years. When Germany won host country, I prayed that our boys would qualify. My prayers have almost been answered.

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