European Federation of Journalists calls on Ukraine to revise or shut down news telethon

The European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) has urged Ukrainian authorities to revisit the format of the United News telethon or consider discontinuing it altogether, in a press release published on May 13.

The organization believes that the telethon is detrimental to Ukraine's information security and the diversity of Ukrainian media. They noted that since the February 2022, the United News format, in which six major Ukrainian TV channels participate, has remained largely unchanged, with news broadcasts becoming increasingly outdated and non-informative.

The EFJ suggested that the fact that several major Ukrainian TV channels broadcast joint news programming 24 hours a day "seriously degrades the quality of information." This has led Ukrainians to turn to anonymous Telegram channels for "real" news.

The message adds that the sources used by anonymous Telegram channels often cannot be verified, nor can their sponsors or administrators. Such a departure from mainstream media poses a threat to Ukraine's information security, the EFJ points out.

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