Events for Life running cafe at Thornbury arena

The new Events for Life Cafe is open for business at the Beaver Valley Community Centre.

Events for Life has taken on the operation of the cantina at the community centre. Through a unique partnership with the Town of The Blue Mountains, Events of Life participants have the opportunity to gain valuable work experience in a working cafe with the assistance of program volunteers.

The Beaver Valley Curling Club kicked off its season on Friday, Nov. 4 and the cafe was running full speed providing curlers with coffee, cold beverages, snacks, chilli, soups and sandwiches.

“This was our first week. We have three participants here every day learning all the skills,” said Events for Life Executive Director Barb Weeden. “We’re very thankful to be working with the Town of The Blue Mountains, [for] this opportunity.”

Events for Life provides day programs for individuals with special needs from Thornbury, Meaford, Collingwood and surrounding areas.

Working in the cafe allows Events of Life participants to learn aspects of handling cash and a restaurant-style ordering system, serving beverages and preparing food. By next week, the program will include cooking and food preparation and using the deep fryer.

The organization gets its snacks from the Thornbury Bakery and coffee from Good Grief.

“We have some good relationships,” said Weeden.

The cafe is open at the community centre from Monday to Friday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Weeden said if Events of Life is able to find enough volunteers they will look to expand the hours including hockey tournament events.

Weeden thanked all the volunteers for their support for the program and said anybody interested in getting involved can contact her at

Chris Fell, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter,