Ever Given container ship arrives in Rotterdam

After blocking the Suez Canal for nearly a week in March the Ever Given container ship finally arrived its destination on Thursday.

The vessel disrupted one of the world's busiest waterways and caused a major backlog in global trade.

It was grounded on March 23 and remained impounded for more than three months by the Suez Canal Authority during a dispute over compensation with its owners.

Now, the 1300-foot-long boat has ended a three-week journey to the Dutch port of Rotterdam, carrying 18,300 containers.

Head of container operations at Rotterdam Hans Negtegaal welcomed its arrival:

"Yea so she arrived this morning at 5 o'clock, which was as per planned as she had a delay last week because of some heavy winds in the channel, and has now been docked and she's expected to be here till Monday."

On Monday it will then continue its voyage to the British container port of Felixstowe.

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