Here’s when every episode of Lessons in Chemistry drops in the UK

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When do Lessons in Chemistry episodes drop?Apple TV+

Apple TV+'s newest experiment, Lessons in Chemistry, is finally out and everyone is wondering how the iconic Bonnie Garmus novel comes to life in this emotional and special miniseries.

Starring the one and only Brie Larson, viewers will get to see Elizabeth Zott as she navigates the sexist world of science in the 1950s while mixing her talents and her hobbies in unique ways and going through all that life has in store for her.

Trust us, you're not going to want to miss an episode, so we put together a handy guide so you don't lose out a single second! Here's everything you need to know about the release schedule for Lessons in Chemistry.

When does Lessons in Chemistry premiere?

Apple TV+ released the first two episodes of Lessons in Chemistry on 13 October, giving fans two episodes right away so we can dive straight into Elizabeth's story.

How many episodes of Lessons in Chemistry are there?

Thankfully, the wonderful team behind the series cooked up eight episodes for us to watch. But even so, you'll definitely want seconds so maybe do a rewatch once you're done!

When does the next episode of Lessons in Chemistry come out in the UK?

New episodes are released every Friday, so you'll have enough time in between watching to savour each moment of Brie Larson goodness.

Full release schedule for Lessons in Chemistry

Lessons in Chemistry will have eight episodes that will drop on a weekly basis. While we might know the story because of the book, Apple TV+ is still keeping some things under lock and key as the future episode names are still a mystery.

  • Episode 1: “Little Miss Hastings” - Aired 13 October

  • Episode 2: “Her and Him” - Aired 13 October

  • Episode 3: “Living Dead Things” - Aired 20 October

  • Episode 4: “TBD” - Airs 27 October 27

  • Episode 5: “TBD” - Airs 3 November

  • Episode 6: “TBD,” - Airs 10 November

  • Episode 7: “TBD,” - Airs 17 November

  • Episode 8: “TBD,” - Airs 24 November

Watch 'Lessons in Chemistry' on Apple TV+

Lessons in Chemistry is streaming on Apple TV+.

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