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12. Thor

Chris Hemsworth took to the character like a Norse God to Asgard. We see a fairly balanced glimpse at his CGI’d homeworld as well as his amusing time on Earth, as he struggles to adapt to life amongst regular humans after being stripped of his otherwordly powers and banished by father Odin (Anthony Hopkins).

Every Marvel Cinematic Universe movie ranked from worst to best

Mike P Williams

Since 2008, Marvel Studios’ cinematic output has gone from strength to strength. Starting with Robert Downey Jr.’s franchise-defining turn in ‘Iron Man’ the studio, now owned by Disney, has 15 movies under its belt with ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’ the latest to reach cinemas.

Debate rages over what the best (and subsequently worst) Marvel Cinematic Universe movies are.

Here’s how we ranked every MCU movie to date.

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