Everyone Freaks Out When Death-Defying Stunts Seemingly Go Wrong on ‘AGT’

Kylie Mar
Host & Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

On America’s Got Talent, a couple of seriously death-defying stunts really fooled everyone.

Acrobat Yosein-Chee was so determined to win over the judges that he decided to resurrect a risky balancing act he retired 10 years ago after breaking three ribs and one hand. Fortunately, this time around, while he was balancing on a stack of blocks surrounded by upright knives, he looked steady. That is … until the blocks gave out and tumbled to the ground! The judges, and everyone in the audience, immediately screamed, but it was all part of the trick.


Later on the show, an escape artist had everyone holding their breath as he was buried alive 10 feet under the ground. Magician Demian Aditya told the judges that he found the trick on the Internet, but the guy who did it died. “Wait. That’s what inspired you?” asked Howie Mandel. “You saw somebody kill themselves doing that and you said: I want to do that on America’s Got Talent?” Aditya replied, “No, because I want to be the guy who succeeds doing this.”

With him seemingly tied up inside a coffin, with men shoveling dirt over him, the judges began to worry about him running out of air just as the camera feed from inside his coffin completely cut out. Judge Simon Cowell was the first out of his seat yelling to producers, “Guys! Guys! Guys! Seriously? Get him out!” while Aditya’s wife was shrieking and bawling from the sidelines. Of course, that was all (probably) part of the act because the next thing you know, one of the shovelers revealed himself to be Aditya himself.

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