Everyone's Super Upset Over Prince William's Father's Day Post

Mehera Bonner

From Cosmopolitan

  • Kensington Palace's Father's Day post for Prince William didn't include Princess Charlotte or Prince George.
  • Fans are calling out the Palace on Instagram and slamming them for rejecting William's other kids-not to mention Kate Middleton's dad.

Happy Father's Day to everyone except trolls who lurk on Instagram! The internet is currently very upset over Kensington Palace's IG post celebrating Father's Day, which features pictures of Prince William with his son Prince Louis, and with his dad Prince Charles.

Missing from the pics, however? Prince William's other children Princess Charlotte and Prince George, not to mention Kate Middleton's father Michael Middleton.



"Royal Watchers" have taken it to the comments to question Kensington Palace excluding their faves, and honestly everyone's being incredibly salty. "Apparently Kate doesn't have a dad and William only has one child," one person wrote, while another mused "KP made no effort at all in making this post. Where are pictures of him with his two other children? hm KP?"

Ugh, but there's more. Behold: "WAIT WHAT? Who posted this... you know you have 3 children.. and where is Kate's father? Your family is so beautiful, you mean to tell me you can't pose for one photo of the 3 kids and both the grandfathers?"

Like...guys...obviously Prince William cares about all three of his children! And obviously Kate Middleton loves her dad-and if she had a private Instagram account he'd probably be all over it! Whoever runs Kensington Palace's account, however-and I'm guessing not the actual royals-probably just chose a couple pics on the fly and went with it, so let's all calm down like Taylor Swift would want.

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