‘My ex-girlfriend and current girlfriend message each other and make fun of me’

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A man accidentally saw his girlfriend’s texts and found out that she and his ex-girlfriend had been making fun of him.

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Posting on Reddit’s “Relationship Advice” forum, he asked whether or not he should confront his girlfriend about the situation or let it go.

In the post, he explains that while getting ready for bed, he went to go set his girlfriend’s phone alarms for work like he does “every other night.” Upon doing so, he saw that his ex-girlfriend had texted her. The author affirms that while he’s not the type of person to search through someone’s phone, the fact that his ex was messaging his girlfriend made it too strange for him not to see the content of their conversation. But he made a hurtful discovery after reading through their texts.

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“I open the text message. I read her message and see there are quite a few others. And to my surprise, I see texts about my chest (I have [gynecomastia], and it’s something I’ve always been self-conscious [about]) and my hairline, and my sexual kinks, among other things like my family and how they’re a total train wreck.”

He mentions that his current girlfriend is unaware that he saw these texts, so he is unsure how to handle the situation.

“She always comforts me when I’m insecure, but [finding] this out just hurts. I want to distance myself, but I’ve been [with] her for well over a couple [of] years now, and I still love her. I don’t know if I should confront her or leave it.”

Reddit users had a pretty unanimous response that the author’s current girlfriend should join his ex as a former girlfriend.

“How do you face her knowing she’s been mocking you, not just with a friend, but with your ex, of all people?” one Reddit user wrote.

The user further explained that it would be difficult to continue the relationship, “being that any further involvement is just potential fuel for more mockery [while] you question every interaction between you and everything she thinks or says.”

Ultimately the user concludes with this piece of advice: “I would just tell her I was breaking up with her and when she asks ‘Why?’, tell her that you decided that you aren’t going to be the butt of her and your ex’s jokes anymore.

“Don’t listen to any pleas for forgiveness or apologies. Their behavior is childish, nasty, [and] uncaring of your feelings because she thought you’d never see it. [The] attitude behind it is snide and humiliating, and why bother being in a relationship with someone who humiliated you for laughs?”

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