Ex-Kingsville fire chief's appeal for shorter sentence denied

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A notice of appeal submitted by former Kingsville fire chief Bob Kissner that sought to reduce his prison sentence was denied this week.

Kissner submitted the notice in September 2019, informing the Court of Appeal for Ontario of his intentions to seek further consideration on his sexual assault and sexual exploitation convictions and sentence. At a hearing last week, he abandoned the appeal on the conviction, but still sought a review of his sentence. The court denied the appeal.

The written decision says: "He argues that the trial judge erred by considering his abuse of authority as an aggravating factor in sentencing because it is an element of the offence. This, it is suggested, caused double counting. We do not agree."

Kissner was found guilty in April 2019 on nine of 17 charges, including four counts of sexual exploitation and five counts of sexual assault. He was sentenced in August 2019 to five years in prison.

Kissner had been seeking an order allowing the conviction appeal and an acquittal on the sexual assault and exploitation charges, "or in the alternative, ordering a new trial on those charges."

He sought a reduced sentence, arguing "the sentence of 60 months' incarceration is manifestly unfair and disproportionate."