Most Excited ‘Price Is Right’ Contestant Ever Sets Plinko Record

On Thursday, a contestant on The Price Is Right definitely set one record and may have even set two. The contestant, Ryan, was superexcited every chance he got to call out a number on Bidder’s Row, but the excitement hit what seemed to be an all-time high when he bid $1 and won. And that was just the beginning for Ryan.

The contestant, Ryan, landed on $10,000 three times playing Plinko on The Price Is Right. (Photo: CBS)

After winning on his $1 bid, he took a lap around the studio audience before getting onstage and giving Drew Carey a big hug while asking if it was actually happening. Then he found out that he was going to play Plinko. Once again, Ryan took off running.

When Carey gave him the free Plinko chip that every player gets to start with, Ryan exclaimed with amazement, “There’s only 10 of these in existence!” Then he played the pricing game and won all four available extra chips, celebrating each time as though he’d won a grand prize.

Then, with five chips to drop, he let the first one go and it landed in the $10,000 slot. Ryan freaked out, to say the least, but he had no idea that it was just his first $10,000 chip of the day. Even when his second chip landed on $1,000, Ryan yelled with enthusiasm. Two of Ryan’s last three chips landed on $10,000, which put his final Plinko winnings at $31,500. According to Carey, that’s a Plinko record.

Ryan also may have set a new bar for being the most enthusiastic contestant The Price Is Right has ever seen.

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