Exclusive: Casualty star Kirsty Mitchell confirms Faith's future

faith cadogan, casualty
Casualty star confirms Faith's future on the showBBC

Note: This story discusses topics including rape, sexual assault and drug use.

Casualty spoilers follow.

Casualty star Kirsty Mitchell has teased Faith Cadogan's future on the show after tonight's game-changing double episode (September 2).

Faith has developed a dependency on drugs in recent months, after being raped by Angus – a man she'd met on a night out with Stevie.

She attempted to cover her tracks by lying to Stevie that she had ovarian cancer, but Faith's lies slowly unravelled in tonight's double episode, when her daughter Natalia turned up in the ED.

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Faith's reaction to this eventually led to Stevie putting the pieces together and she realised she was consumed by drug addiction. Stevie ultimately decided to report Faith to their boss Max – only to discover that Faith's ex-boyfriend Iain had beaten her to it.

Discussing Faith's future now that her career is on the line, Kirsty said to Digital Spy: "It does get really good, it gets more intense. There's more to come.

"My favourite scenes to do is the medical stuff. I love learning about surgeries and everything – it is so exciting on set when you are choreographing a surgery to the dialogue and I end up down a rabbit hole and I learn so much, I love it."

faith cadogan, casualty

"It would be great to see Faith back at the top of her game," Kirsty added. "I think that's what most people want – that's what we want to see in someone we care about. The reason that the audience are so upset that she's gone down this hole is because they care about her and they want her to be better.

"That's what we always want for people who are addicts – we want them to get there and find a way out, but we also know that they've got to see that for themselves. I would love to just see her back on top at work – that would be amazing."

faith cadogan, casualty

When asked if Stevie will continue to be a support for Faith now the truth is out, Kirsty said: "I think when you love someone you love them, you don't drop them because they're addicts.

"Most people who have told me their stories online have said how you go through things with people who are addicts and it just keeps going and going until that person can decide that they need help for themselves.

"I've had so, so many fans tell me their heartfelt stories online, and it seems to be the same pattern every time – you're just there to pick up the pieces, you're there for support, but they're not really listening to you until they realise for themselves.

"I don't think you drop your best friend immediately, though. I wouldn't drop someone I love because they have spiralled down a hole – I would be there to help them climb out the best I could. Let's hope that Stevie sticks by her and guides her in the right direction."

faith cadogan, casualty

As for Faith's future with Iain, does Kirsty think there could be a way back for them eventually?

"It would be nice, wouldn't it?" she said. "It was like a really sweet friendship to begin with and so people were really wanting them to get together.

"But I think she's got a lot of time to spend on herself and her family. There's a lot of repair to be done. She needs to get better before she involves someone else in her life.

"Iain has been through so much with his mum and addiction as well. It would be nice to see them find a way back and some happiness, and hope and love."

Casualty will air these scenes on Saturday, September 9 0n BBC One.

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