Exclusive: Turkey boosts arms to Syrian rebels as Idlib attack looms - rebel sources

By Suleiman Al-Khalidi
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    And probably chemical weapons to stage the fake attack, again. There's a record of such shipments from Turkey. At least one Turkish member of parliament was prosecuted for demanding an investigation, after the chemical agent shipment was documented and disclosed.
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    Turkey- that two sided friend from high school that never grew up
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    Translation - Turkey, a NATO ally, is arming ISIS and Al Qaeda troops on behalf of NATO member states. Hope that helps!
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    Another 9/11 is coming
    What will they gain from supporting terrorists? Turkey may end up as a failed state.
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    Turkey boosts arms to the Syrian rebels, most likely US delivered arms
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    Vic Daniel
    Turkey and UN were buying time all along to arm the militants with false claim of bloodshed. they have no problem with supplying weapons for the bloodshed as long as it Syrian soldiers who are dying. Syria and Russia should not have given them more time.
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    So this is still going on
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    Could you imagine how much longer and distructive the American Civil War could have been had the world powers of the time started arming and even outright intervening on the behalf of both sides? What if the British, French or Spanish Empires had deployed troops onto American soil and and captured portions of it to form "de-escalation zones"? Also, unless the Turks are supplying the rebels with weapons capable of knocking Government/Russian aircraft out of the sky and busting those fancy T-90A tanks that Russia has given to Assad's elite troops, then they're only going to briefly prolong the inevitable.
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    Bernie's World/ Nowlive
    Assad is their President and Turkey has NO right to supply the rebels...
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    By stepping up the arms supply, turkey is concerned of massacre in idlib