‘Excuse me’: Trump repeatedly clears throat moments after boasting about his health

Only a few days after returning to the White House, President Trump phoned into “Hannity” Thursday night and provided an update on his health. The president announced last Friday morning that he tested positive for COVID-19. He was flown later that day to Walter Reed military hospital where he was given a cocktail of cutting-edge drugs and oxygen. Since his return to the White House, the president has repeatedly boasted of his health and touted the newly developed drugs he was prescribed. And while Trump’s doctor, Sean Conley, insists the president is doing well and experiencing no symptoms from the virus, viewers couldn’t help but notice the president coughing and clearing his throat during his interview. The president also avoided Sean Hannity’s questions about whether or not he has tested positive for the virus. Despite his apparent symptoms, the president says he’s hoping to have another rally as early as Saturday.

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