Exhausted Weimaraner Sleeps In Hilarious Position

It's really hard to miss a Weinmaraner pooch due to their unusual gray shiny coats and even more beautiful eyes that can be a mesmerizing gray, blue or amber color. They come from Germany and are a relatively new dog breed, being first introduced in the 19th century. Some even refer to them as "gray ghosts", particularly on a foggy day. If the pooch gets lost in the fog or runs too far ahead, their owners claim that they blend in with the environment and are very hard do spot. Although their original purpose was to be bred as hunting dogs for noblemen, judging from the above video we can see that things have changed in modern times. The modern Weinmaraner clearly has to run doggy errands during the day such as running in the yard to examine the soil composition, scouting for possible future mud holes, chasing squirrel fiends and so on. Caruso was probably doing all that, because he looks exhausted at the end of the day! He seems to be practicing some kind of sleep yoga, or he just doesn't care how he sleeps as long as he does it. It's good that he's obviously having a good dream, because we all know that bad dreams can be scary. Just ask this pooch who had a bad dream, but luckily his best friend came right to the rescue.