'The Bear' season 3 premieres in June. Here's what we can expect.

jeremy allen white and ayo edebiri in the bear, standing with puzzled expressions on their faces on a street
Jeremy Allen White and Ayo Edebiri on "The Bear."Chuck Hodes/FX
  • FX's "The Bear," starring Jeremy Allen White and Ayo Edebiri, is returning for a third season.

  • White said the new installment will return to the "functioning kitchen atmosphere."

  • Season three premieres on Thursday, June 27.

Jeremy Allen White is returning to the kitchen for season three of "The Bear."

FX's hit TV show has been picking up steam — and plenty of accolades — since its premiere on Hulu in June 2022.

Season two focused on chef Carmen "Carmy" Berzatto (White) and his team's ambitious and borderline unattainable goal of transforming The Original Beef of Chicagoland into a new, upscale restaurant called The Bear in just 12 weeks.

The season concluded with friends and family night, the final step before officially opening the restaurant to the public.

Here's everything we know about season three of "The Bear."

White, Ayo Edebiri (who plays Sydney Adamu), Ebon Moss-Bachrach (who plays Richie), and the rest of the cast are expected to return

Ayo Edebiri as Sydney Adamu on season two of "The Bear."
Ayo Edebiri as Sydney Adamu on season two of "The Bear."FX

No cast departures have been announced, so it's assumed that the supporting actors will also reprise their roles.

This includes Abby Elliott (Natalie "Sugar" Berzatto), Lionel Boyce (Marcus), Liza Colón-Zayas (Tina), Edwin Lee Gibson (Ebraheim), and Matty Matheson (Neil Fak).

And even though Jon Bernthal's character, Michael Berzatto, is dead, there's always a possibility that he will return in additional flashback scenes, similar to the first two seasons.

According to White, season 3 will return to the 'functioning kitchen atmosphere'

Jeremy Allen White as Carmy on season two of "The Bear."
Jeremy Allen White as Carmy on season two of "The Bear."FX

The chaos and time crunch of opening the restaurant on the 12-week deadline resulted in plenty of conflicts and drama on the season two finale. The high-stress atmosphere culminated in Carmy accidentally getting locked in the restaurant's walk-in fridge during friends and family night. He eventually concluded that the happy developments in his personal life (namely his relationship with Claire) distracted him from operating at his highest level at work.

In an interview with Variety in December, White explained that he would work with chefs in preparation for the new season's material.

"There'll be a menu set, I believe, that's going to be for the restaurant in the third season," he said. "And I know that I'm going to start putting together that menu with different chefs and cooking and just trying to get prepared to do more of that stuff on camera."

"For the second season, so much of it was about putting the restaurant together, so there wasn't that much cooking," White continued. "But now, in the third season, I think we're going to go back to that functioning kitchen atmosphere that we had in the first."

Outside the work environment, White told reporters backstage at the Golden Globes that he hopes Carmy apologizes to Claire for the comments he made when he was trapped in the walk-in fridge.

"As Jeremy, a reader of scripts and watcher of show, I think she deserves an apology at the very least," he said. "So I hope there's some version of that when I read scripts again."

Season 3 is set for release on Thursday, June 24

Jeremy Allen White on season two of "The Bear."
Jeremy Allen White on season two of "The Bear."FX

In a press release about the show's renewal, FX said "The Bear" will return in 2024.

In November, Deadline reported that production would begin in late February or early March. White confirmed this timeline during an interview with Entertainment Tonight in December.

White shared a teaser for the new season, along with the premiere date, on Instagram on Thursday.

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