Expect trucks to roll on Glenelg Street as incoming fill prepares Dundalk site for construction

M.T. Fernandes, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter
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Southgate council looked at some of the less exciting, but foundational issues of the Carriage House subdivision.

After boreholes have been done and water levels checked at the Glenelg Street site, the need for fill has been assessed.

Studies have shown that the equivalent of 100 loads of 18-to-20 cubic metres needs to be transported to the site each day for 60 working days. The actual schedule will vary. The working day will be 10 hours, five days a week.

The agreement being passed means the work can start this fall, CAO Dave Milliner said.


Details were given on the plans for bringing in fill needed before construction as the township passed the “site alteration” agreement.

Boreholes revealed that “the site is underlain by water-bearing cohesionless soils” from just under a metre to three metres below the surface, over a sandy silt till. The cohesionless layer contains “silt, sandy silt, silty sand, sand and gravel.”

In a 2018-2019 study, the groundwater level was from 0.4 metre to one metre below the surface. Monitoring is ongoing.

The agreement requires a mud mat for trucks as they leave, sets requirements of the fill being tested, and sets out how groundwater and neighbouring properties will be protected during the process.

The future stormwater pond will be used as a temporary sediment basin, and equipment is to be kept more than 30 metres back from designated environmentally sensitive lands and existing ditches. Topsoil will be removed and stockpiled to be replaced after the fill operation is complete.

Southgate developed a template for site alteration agreements in 2016, reviewed by township lawyers and engineers. In this case, the township holds securities of about $390,000 against proper completion of the work.

Geotechnical engineer SEL has been hired by Crozier (who submitted Flato’s Fill Control Report) to confirm fill is clean and suitable for use and share its testing with the township.

M.T. Fernandes, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Dundalk Herald