Explosion destroys Poco camper trailer hours after trip

A Port Coquitlam family is grateful it wasn't using the trailer when an explosion levelled it around midnight early Sunday morning outside their home at 1939 Anderson Way.

Dean McIntosh says the family was tired from the drive when it returned from camping in the Interior sometime after 6:30 p.m. PT.

"We decided we didn’t have time to unplug, get things done so we decided to turn the propane to the trailer on, to keep the refrigeration going and kinda keep everything and the freezer going," he said. "I woke up at 11:30 p.m. to this massive bang."

"I thought it might be something from the CP train yards and looked out the front window and there was nothing left of the trailer."

McIntosh says in retrospect and after talking it over with the fire department it looks like the propane system was faulty.

"I think it was the propane and it continuously tried to ignite it, ignite it, and there was a leak somewhere in the trailer and it just built up and blew it up," he said.

He says a truck parked near the trailer shielded neighbouring houses from the blast although a neighbour found a window in his driveway.

"I guess, it's our last camping trip of the season," joked McIntosh as he looked around.

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