'Extraordinary Places to Eat' sneak peek: Betty's Tea Rooms

A scene from the new BBC Select documentary series, 'Extraordinary Places to Eat'

Video Transcript

FRED SIRIEIX: We shall receive a selection of sandwiches, a multitude of mini cakes, and of course tea. But Nadiya wants me to try two of her favorite Yorkshire bakes as well, I'll be stuffed.

NADIYA HUSSAIN: There's no way, no way I'm coming here not having a fat rascal and fondant fancies so--

FRED SIRIEIX: What's a fat rascal?

NADIYA HUSSAIN: It's like a fat scone. It's the only place in the world where you can say fat and not get in trouble. This is a completely Yorkshire thing like you are not going to get a fat rascal anywhere else but in Yorkshire. We'll have the afternoon tea and please can we have some fondant fancies.

FRED SIRIEIX: What is that?

NADIYA HUSSAIN: Just like little iced squares of cake. Come on, like right? They're the best fondant fancies in--

FRED SIRIEIX: Never had it before.

NADIYA HUSSAIN: Your world is about to be changed.



FRED SIRIEIX: Thank you. The service is so pleasant.

NADIYA HUSSAIN: But there's like a choreography that they do.

FRED SIRIEIX: Yeah, I love how everything is so precise here because you want to reserve your energy to eat the scones.


FRED SIRIEIX: The scones.

NADIYA HUSSAIN: Get it right Fred.

FRED SIRIEIX: Look at the silver. You know the cake is going to be good when the silver is like this. It's like a mirror.

NADIYA HUSSAIN: There's some poor soul out there polishing it you know?

FRED SIRIEIX: Yes, it's for me it's an insight about the back of house into the values and the vision of the business and everything has to follow.

NADIYA HUSSAIN: I knew you'd like this place and we haven't even got our afternoon tea yet.

FRED SIRIEIX: Ooh lah lah.

NADIYA HUSSAIN: Oh he said ooh lah lah. Look.

FRED SIRIEIX: Two fat rascal.


FRED SIRIEIX: Thank you.


FRED SIRIEIX: I mean, this is a tea straight out of Alice in Wonderland. The cakes here are delightful, rich chocolate cubes, zesty lemon tart, engadine slice, and that's just on our tea tower. For me, this is just a delight for the eyes.


FRED SIRIEIX: Yes, please.

NADIYA HUSSAIN: Let's do it.

FRED SIRIEIX: The team here serve over 62,000 afternoon teas every year.

NADIYA HUSSAIN: You have a fat rascal before you do anything. Look at this Fred, do you see it?

FRED SIRIEIX: Well, it's a face.

NADIYA HUSSAIN: It's a face.

FRED SIRIEIX: You're so excited about this fat rascal.

NADIYA HUSSAIN: They are so delicious. Smell good right?

FRED SIRIEIX: I can smell the butter.



NADIYA HUSSAIN: Yeah. For anyone who's never had a fat rascal before I would say it's like a cross between a scone and a rock cake. See, he's in.

FRED SIRIEIX: This is very good and they've got oranges in there, no? Is it orange zest?

NADIYA HUSSAIN: Yeah, so you got currants and that mixed peel, that little chew that you get inside-- oh I just that--



FRED SIRIEIX: These plump and crumbly currant filled fruit bakes have chewy candy peel inside. Best served warm with lashings of butter, they melt in the mouth and taste luxurious.

NADIYA HUSSAIN: Somebody is going to become a fat rascal by the time they're out of here.

FRED SIRIEIX: Yes, this is so indulgent. Fat rascal's are Betty's biggest selling bakery product. Around 2,000 are sold every week in their Arrogate branch alone. [INAUDIBLE].

NADIYA HUSSAIN: There's no going back.

FRED SIRIEIX: This is very good.

NADIYA HUSSAIN: Isn't it delicious?

FRED SIRIEIX: For me, this is a revelation.