Eyewitness video of 'road rage' incident disturbs police

Eyewitness video of 'road rage' incident disturbs police

Charlottetown police say eyewitness video of a violent altercation on an Island highway has provided key evidence, and has shocked even seasoned investigators as they continue to probe the incident.

"When you watch the video you obviously can see what has occurred," said Brad MacConnell, deputy chief of Charlottetown police.

"Even as policemen, when we saw it, we were disturbed," said MacConnell, "Our investigation led us to believe this was a case of road rage."

The video, shot Tuesday night on the bypass highway in Charlottetown, shows a car idling on the side of the road. The driver's side door is open and a man is standing beside it. The video shows a man jabbing his arms into the car and kicking, then slamming the door and walking away. A bystander can be heard screaming, and a man is heard groaning audibly.

Police say a 79-year-old man in the car was left battered and bruised. He was treated at hospital and released.

CBC has muted the audio on the video. 

Police said the incident followed a collision. 

"No matter what precipitated this event, the level of violence associated to it, it doesn't make any sense," MacConnell said.

'Words or gestures exchanged'

Police say witnesses did the right thing by calling 911 and noting the license plate of the suspect's vehicle.

"We never ask anyone to put themselves in harm's way,"  MacConnell said.

He said on P.E.I. incidents on the road like this are "unfortunate, but a reality."

"It's not common to escalate to this level of violence, but it's not uncommon to have words or gestures exchanged," MacConnell said.

Kenneth Stewart Longden, 27, is charged with assault causing bodily harm.

Longden was released from custody following a court hearing Thursday. He has not entered a plea to the charge, and is slated to return to court Feb. 12.

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