Face of breastfeeding cat sums up motherhood for every mom ever

Ross McGuinness

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but this image only needs five: “I am a mother now."

This image of a cat breastfeeding four newborn kittens sums up motherhood far more succinctly than any advert or self-help book.

With a face of concentration yet resignation, this momma moggy lets her offspring tuck in, as she realises her fancy-free days of prowling around in other people’s gardens at night are now behind her.

The image was tweeted by the cat’s owner in Japan and has quite rightly gone viral, encapsulating as it does the joys and constraints of motherhood.

The picture was posted on Twitter with the caption: “Just drink it!”

Yes, this cat looks knackered by the strains of motherhood, but hers is also a face that says: “I got this.”