Facebook group of 20K Regina Costco fans 'started as a bit of a goof,' founder says

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Hit the 'Stco YQR has gathered over 20,000 Regina Costco enthusiasts since it started last summer. (Kirk Fraser/CBC - image credit)
Hit the 'Stco YQR has gathered over 20,000 Regina Costco enthusiasts since it started last summer. (Kirk Fraser/CBC - image credit)

Tyler McMurchy is a big fan of his Regina Costco — and he has now found tens of thousands of kindred spirits after starting a Facebook group called Hit The 'Stco YQR.

"It started as a bit of a goof," said McMurchy. "I'm a very enthusiastic Costco shopper [and] I thought everybody in Regina is like me. They just know what's in the Costco store here because they go all the time like I do. But apparently, that's not the case."

Last June, McMurchy was talking about Costco with some of his family members, and they encouraged him to see if other people in the city might want to share their enthusiasm for the big-box store too.

"I was, I guess, a little susceptible at the time to starting a Facebook group," he said. "So I pulled out my phone and started this group, and it took off in a way I was not expecting. I honestly … can't really explain it. I mean, I think I posted about it maybe a couple of times on Twitter and just with my friends and family on Facebook.

"And some people joined it, and then other people started inviting each other. And then it just took off.… It became this kind of monster — a fun monster, but a monster nonetheless."

Growing group shares trends

Hit the 'Stco YQR now has over 20,500 members with regular posts about the new items in the store, ideas to try out and product reviews. Group members keep each other updated on good deals and new trends — McMurchy remembers how "people got really fired up about cheese dip" available at Costco earlier this year.

And McMurchy says there are lots of reasons to love Costco, and few reasons not to. For him, one of the only downsides is that "if you go there with a list, it's very rare that you emerge from that place with just what was on your list."

For him and many group members, that's a risk worth taking.

"Not only is it close to my house, but prices tend to be good, and it's good quality. And one thing I really like about this store is, from everything I've seen, they tend to really treat their employees well," he said. "And you can see that in the fact that you go there year after year and you see the same people there, and they seem to be happy.

"We have a number of [Costco employees] in the group who have reached out to us either privately or are engaged members of the group as well, they really seem to like that place. And that's important to me as well. You want to go spend your money at a place where they are giving it back to the people who are making it possible."

And while the group is full of Costco enthusiasts, McMurchy says they do try to support the community by promoting local businesses too.

"We do 'support local Sunday' posts, and over the holiday season, we put up a really popular post about Christmas ideas from local businesses," he said.

"We are trying to get our audience, who are very enthusiastic Costco people, to look at local businesses as well, and there's a big appetite for that in the group."