Facebook uproar after Regina police kill dog

Peter Cote isn't the only person angry with the Regina Police Service after his dog was shot dead.

Cote's seven-year-old pit bull, named Ben, was shot by police on Saturday. Police said the dog was shot because it attacked a police dog, and the officer feared for his safety and that of another officer.

Cote said he's upset because neither of the officers nor the police dog were hurt.

"All I know is what they done is wrong and I can't let it rest," Cote said. "Someone don't have the right to come in your yard and murder a family member."

Police said they are reviewing the incident.

Cote wasn't the only one upset with police. Since the incident, the Regina Police Facebook page has received a number of complaints. There have also been threats to the officers involved.

The association that represents police officers in Regina is hoping the police service will change its Facebook policy.

Evan Bray, president of Regina Police Association, said he is concerned because people are using Facebook to make slanderous or threatening remarks about police officers.

"What we're concerned about is comments that say, 'The only good police officer is a dead police officer,'" Bray said. "Really? Is that something anyone thinks a police service should have on its Facebook page?"

Bray said moderating all comments could be a solution.

"I believe it's the minority out there that makes these comments," Bray said. "They can make these comments on their own forum and with their own free speech. I just don't believe the police should over the platform for them to do it."

The Regina Police Service said Monday it will limit the number of times one person can post on its Facebook page. That way, it said it can better monitor the posts.

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