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‘Fake’ conversation with 3-year-old reminds TikToke that kids are always listening

A mom on TikTok was caught off guard when her toddler revealed that she’d overheard her crying — proving that kids hear more than we think they do.

Beth (@justlivingmybethlife) is a parent and TikToker who was surprised recently when her toddler daughter shared that she’d overheard her mom crying. In the emotional video, Beth starts a lighthearted conversation with her daughter, only for her daughter to interrupt and ask her why she’d been upset the previous day.

The video begins with Beth sitting on the couch with her daughter. Beth wanted to record a funny video of herself talking to her toddler like she would an adult. “I was pretending to talk to her about work to see her reaction,” Beth writes in a caption.

“I’d actually really like to ask your opinion on something,” Beth says to her daughter as the video begins. “So I’ve been thinking, obviously I’ve been out of teaching for a while now because I’ve been looking after you and stuff.”

Beth continues to talk, but her daughter interrupts her. “Why were you crying yesterday?” the toddler asks.

Beth looks stunned and takes a moment to respond. “I didn’t cry yesterday,” she says.

But Beth’s daughter is insistent. “Why did you cry yesterday?” she asks again.

“I had no idea she could hear us from her bedroom,” Beth explains in a caption. “We were so quiet when talking.”

“How did you know I cried yesterday?” Beth asks. “Did you hear me?”

“Yes,” her daughter replies. “I was in bed.”

Finally, Beth admits she was crying, but claims it was just as a joke. Comforted, her daughter begins to smile and laugh.

But Beth was shaken by the interaction. “A message to fellow parents,” she writes in a caption.

“They hear everything.”

Viewers were moved by the moment between Beth and her daughter, and several encouraged Beth to be more honest about her emotions with her child.

“You’re a good mom. I would have done the same thing,” one viewer wrote.

“What a love,” commented another viewer.

“There is no shame in crying or letting her know. It’s okay to cry,” commented another TikToker.

Beth might not have intended her daughter to hear her crying, but the conversation served as a sweet reminder of how much the toddler cares about her mom!

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