#FakeHistoryFromCanada Is Trending For The Most Canadian Reasons

Natalie Stechyson

Poking fun at ourselves in a witty way, a nod to Canadiana, and a base understanding of historical facts?

The #fakehistoryfromcanada hashtag encompasses three of almost any Canadian's main interests, so it's no wonder the campaign is trending on Twitter. The hashtag which was started by Canadian online news satire site The Beaverton to celebrate the release of their new book was the top-trending topic in Canada overnight Monday.

Mustering the same enthusiasm we usually reserve for pub trivia nights, Canadians flocked to Twitter to add their own fake history to the canon. And the results prove what we already knew about ourselves: we are a country of hilarious geeks.

The tweets poked fun at our dialect, our borders, and our idiosyncrasies.

And our sports teams, our housing markets, and our climate.