Family of 10 forced out of Bridgewater home by fire

A family of 10 in Bridgewater, N.S., is safe after a fire late Thursday night forced them from their two-storey house.

"This is probably one of the largest family dwellings that we have encountered in the several years that I have been in the fire department," said Bridgewater fire Chief Michael Nauss.

The couple's eight children range in age from two months to 13 years, the Canadian Red Cross said in a news release. Red Cross volunteers have arranged emergency housing for the family along with clothing and food. 

There weren't any injuries reported.

Smoke spread through house

The fire broke out in the front porch area of the family's North Street home and was confined to that area, although smoke spread throughout the house. It didn't take long for firefighters to put out the flames. 

"We had everything under control within the first 10 minutes of arrival," said Nauss.

He said the cause of the fire was an electrical failure where the clothes dryer is plugged in.

With the fire extinguished, the fire crew used a positive-pressure fan to blow the smoke out of the house, which the family rents.

Nauss thinks it will take a week or so to get the home ready to live in again.