‘Family Feud’ Contestants Give Truly Terrible Answers in Fast Money

On Family Feud, two contestants, Gentle and Justin, gave some truly terrible answers playing Fast Money. The embarrassment, along with the ribbing from Steve Harvey, could have been avoided if only they had known the meaning of the word “Binge.”

Contestant Justin didn’t seem too confident in his answers playing Fast Money on Family Feud. (Photo: Family Feud)

Gentle got them off to a good start, racking up 109 points with his first four answers. But it was the fifth one that got him a goose egg. The clue from Harvey was, “Name a word that follows ‘Binge.’” Gentle answered, “Needles.” He was quick to point out that he doesn’t know what “Binge” means.

Still, Justin was in good shape. He only needed 91 points to win the $20,000. Instead, Justin only got seven, thanks in large part to his last two answers. When asked to name something people break out of, he answered, “Car.” Unlikely, but at least plausible.

Then came that nasty B word: Binge. When Harvey asked Justin to name a word that follows “Binge,” Justin answered, “Binge Wheel.” Needless to say, both of these answers garnered 0 points.

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