Frustrated family wants answers after woman hospitalized with severe head injury

Frustrated family wants answers after woman hospitalized with severe head injury

A Winnipeg family is looking for answers on how their little sister ended up in the hospital with a severe head injury.

Police sent out a media release on Friday with Renee Green's picture, saying she may have been the victim of an assault on or before April 23.

"I don't think it was possibly assaulted, I think she was assaulted," said Green's sister Chickadee, who does not want her last name used, because no arrests have been made in the case.

"Her face was unrecognizable," she said. "Very swollen, she couldn't open her eyes."

Chickadee said Green had two brain surgeries within a week of being hospitalized and was placed in a medically induced coma.

She said Green was found by police in the 500 block of Portage Avenue and the officers took her to the hospital and left their card.

"[Police] are saying they need a statement from her in order to be a victim of crime, to get any kind of services, this is ridiculous," said Chickadee.

"I contacted them and said she can't make a statement she's barely verbal."

The family put up posters with Green's photo around downtown asking for anyone with information to come forward. Chickadee said she has been working with Mama Bear Clan talking to people who live on the street trying to find out if anyone saw or heard anything.

"You want answers sometimes you have to do the work yourself if you are not getting any help, which I wasn't," she said.

Police say the Major Crimes Unit has been investigating since Green was found injured. Const. Jay Murray said in an email police previously released on this investigation, seeking a person who may have information about a serious assault that took place on April 23. Police would not say if the man has since been identified and talked to.

"It should be noted that the Winnipeg Police Service requested video surveillance related to this investigation from the CBC on April 30, 2018, and was not provided it until over a month and a half later on June 18, 2018." 

In response, CBC communications said "CBC Manitoba does not manage the surveillance videos for our buildings. CBC has a contract with Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions (BGIS) to manage the facility and property management services, which includes handling requests for surveillance videos."

'Walking miracle'

Chickadee said Green is still in hospital recovering and has regained her ability to walk and understand, but is struggling with talking.

"She is a walking miracle, even her doctor said she is a miracle," said Chickadee.

Chickadee said they also took her to a Sundance ceremony for the day to help with her healing. She said Green's drum group has been singing to her since she was hospitalized and just the other day she remembered the songs and joined in.

"It was amazing, I started crying," said Chickadee.

She said Green is scheduled to have another brain surgery. She is asking anyone with information to come forward.