Family of Russian spies detained for planning attacks on Ukraine's railways

Russian agents in Kharkiv Oblast
Russian agents in Kharkiv Oblast

Ukraine's SBU security service has apprehended a family suspected of being Russian agents, accused of plotting an attack on key railway infrastructure in Kharkiv Oblast,  agency reported on Telegram on April 3.

The individuals, a brother and sister duo, allegedly conducted reconnaissance of Ukrainian Armed Forces' train routes near Lyman, focusing on sensitive areas like railway bridges, overpasses, and tunnels.

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Their mission was to pinpoint and relay the locations of vital railway components, such as relay cabinets and transformer substations, to their Russian contact using geolocations on Google Maps, the SBU explained.

This intelligence was intended to facilitate Russian military sabotage, aiming to disrupt the delivery of Ukrainian military supplies to the eastern front by targeting a military freight train.

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The group was caught during the early phase of its espionage efforts, apprehended while gathering data for their Russian counterparts.

The suspects, both employees of a municipal body in the Izyum district, drew attention from the GRU, Russia's military intelligence agency, after posting anti-Ukrainian content on Telegram. The SBU has since identified their handler.

Searches at their residences led to the seizure of mobile phones used to communicate with the GRU. They have been charged with high treason under martial law, facing life imprisonment and possible confiscation of their assets if convicted.

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