Family saves $22,000 over four years with this simple swap

On the verge of bankruptcy, Angela Stembridge and her husband from Wanaka, New Zealand, were forced to make some serious lifestyle adjustments.

To save cash, the family began growing their own veggies, making their own cosmetics and cleaning products as well as farming their own medicine garden.

The Stembridges, who have since been dubbed the “Freerange Family,” have saved a fortune with the sustainable change.

“It felt like an exciting challenge and we decided to start a blog and Facebook page to share our journey,” Angela told That’s Life.

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“Instead of buying pasta sauce in jars, I made my own using fresh tomatoes and herbs. And rather than spending money on biscuits, cakes, and cordials, I created them in the kitchen. I used raspberries to make a refreshing drink and lemons to make barley water.”

The shift has helped the family-of-four cut their debts in half and save more than $22,000 in groceries over the years.

“Even a small change can make a huge impact on the environment and your bank balance. Eventually, our plan is to live off the grid completely,” she said.

“When I think what we used to waste, it gives me sleepless nights! Having worked in a kitchen for 20 years, I shudder to think how much cling wrap I threw away. The important thing is, we’re doing our bit now. Over the past four years, we’ve saved more than $22,000 at the supermarket.”

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Garnering more than 13,000 followers on Facebook and Instagram, the family hopes to encourage others in sharing tips and tricks that helped change their lives.

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