Fan calls Joel Embiid a 'cornball' as he leads Sixers to victory

Joel Embiid was definitely back, and he led the Sixers to victory on Christmas Day. (Getty Images)

Joel Embiid played his first Christmas game at Madison Square Garden on Monday, which is a perfectly wrapped present for Philadelphia 76ers fans, and the equivalent of a piece of coal for New York Knicks fans. It was his first game back after the bonkers triple overtime game against the Oklahoma City Thunder that aggravated his back pain, which is still bothering him.

And while you could tell his back was bothering him a little bit, it didn’t stop him from being JoJo and helping lead the Sixers to a 105-98 win over the Knicks. He played 34 minutes and scored 25 points, and did all sorts of great things on the floor.

But not everybody was thrilled with Embiid being back. MSG was filled with Knicks fans, and one of them told Embiid exactly what he thought.

There isn’t a better Knicks fan moment than one of them yelling “Go tweet about it! You’re a cornball, Embiid!” Yeah, something tells me Embiid doesn’t care about being a cornball. And knowing him, he might actually tweet about it, and about anything else he wants to. He could seriously tweet about an actual cornball and it would be great. And why should he care about being a cornball when he’s putting up highlights like this?

OK, so that might be a *little* cornball. But that’s JoJo! Plus, the Sixers snapped their five-game losing streak AND JoJo was back. It’s a Christmas miracle!

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