Fancasting favorite Daniel Kaluuya not interested in being next James Bond – but he would play a villain

'Nope' star Daniel Kaluuya responds to the idea of him playing James Bond by suggesting a different role for him in the franchise.

Video Transcript

- Daniel, I don't know how much you've talked about this. But there's still a lot of people out there that want you to be James Bond.

- Oh, yeah!


- The job is open.


- I don't know if you've heard. The job is open.

- I'm so ready for that.

- How would you feel about that?

DANIEL KALUUYA: I can say that-- oh, how should I say this [INAUDIBLE]?

- What you gonna say?

DANIEL KALUUYA: I said I'd do a villain.

- Oh!

DANIEL KALUUYA: I'd do a Bond villain.

- But you wouldn't want-- you wouldn't want to be 007?

- Mm.

- He's such a specific actor. That if he did do 007, he would come at it with such a unique-- you know what I mean? Would just be-- that's why I would want to see it because you would just bring something so fresh to it. But I also get you want to play the villain. That's also a turn.

DANIEL KALUUYA: A villain, yeah. I just don't know if I'd want to watch my version of James Bond. That's just me.

- Interesting.

DANIEL KALUUYA: That's just me. I'd just go, mm, I don't want to watch that.

- Yeah.

DANIEL KALUUYA: But I'd probably [INAUDIBLE] villain. I'd do that. I think that'd be fun.

- Now, you're not throwing your hat in the ring for 007?

DANIEL KALUUYA: I'm chilling, man. I'm chilling.

- You're chilling.

DANIEL KALUUYA: I'm chilling in the ring. I'm keeping everything on in this ring I'm in. That's what I'll do. [LAUGHS]

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