Fans Are Concerned for Jason Momoa After ‘Aquaman’ Star Posts Troubling New IG Pic

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  • Jason Momoa fans showed concern after he shared an Instagram picture of him getting an MRI.

  • A source later confirmed that the actor is “OK.”

  • The Aquaman star has sustained a few work-related injuries in recent months.

Fans were reminded this week that Aquaman is not in fact invincible. On Monday, Jason Momoa shared an Instagram of him getting an MRI in which he lay outside of the machine shirtless with his arms up. “You got to break some eggs to make an omelette. Aloha J. Thankful for my ohana and friends,” he wrote in the caption.

Naturally, fans flooded the comments section with concern for the actor’s health, as he didn’t share the reasoning for his hospital visit. “Oh no! You alright dude?” one person commented. “Keep the yolk in the egg brudda. ⛑❤️,” another added. “Hope the doctors find the problem and can help fix it!! Sending healing vibes 💖💖💖,” someone else wrote.

Thankfully, a source confirmed to People that Momoa is “OK” in light of the recent post and that the MRI was simply done as “a precaution.”

Fans had a right to be concerned, though, considering that in March, the 42-year-old revealed that he underwent surgery to remove a hernia the day before attending the Oscars. On the red carpet, he told Extra that he hadjust finished filming” the Aquaman sequel where he sustained the injury. “Throwing bodies around ... getting old, bro, he added.

In another allusion to his age, he pointed out that he was wearing prescription sunglasses to help him read the teleprompter as a presenter. “I got to read tonight. I can’t see far away … they are prescription,” he said.

And just as soon as one injury healed, another popped up. On May 14, the dad of two revealed in an Instagram video that he tore his bicep. Still, he pressed on, doing arm curls in the clip. “Look at this. Left bicep, fine. Look at my right,” he said. “See where I blew it? So I got to take it easy. I pulled my long head bicep ... it sucks, so it’s taking a long time to get it back. But I can’t fix it.”

Still, Momoa hasn’t let any of the setbacks slow him down. He recently wrapped filming the latest Fast and Furious film, Fast X, in Italy, and in one scene he gets chased by the cops on a bike “with no helmet,” he said on Instagram. “It’s gonna be fun,” he added.

Whether he’s rehearsing for the Oscars from a wheelchair, icing his stitches backstage, or risking it all for an action film, the star clearly runs on adrenaline. And that’s what makes him good at his job—and so prone to injury. Let’s just hope he can continue his adventures safely so there’s plenty more of Momoa to come.

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