Fans Realize Travis Kelce Dropped a Sneaky Taylor Swift Album Easter Egg 3 Months Ago

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Did Travis Drop a Taylor Easter Egg 3 Months Ago?Getty Images

Unsurprisingly, Taylor Swift had a huge night at this year's Grammys as she broke the record for most Album of the Year wins by any artist in the show's history. The artist—who took home her fourth AOTY award for her 2022 album Midnights—has now earned 14 of the coveted golden gramophones over the years. When she snagged her lucky thirteenth one, she broke the internet with an announcement for her brand-new album, The Tortured Poets Department.

Juuust when Swifties were expecting aReputation (Taylor's Version) drop (see: Taylor's site "crashing" and her black and white profile pic across socials), the singer dropped a different bomb. Of course, fans took to Twitter to share their excitement for the upcoming release, which is set to drop on April 19.

Amid their unfiltered reactions, fans also took the time to decode potential Easter eggs for Tay's upcoming era—including Travis Kelce's involvement. One fan pointed out that he called Taylor a poet during his WSJ Mag interview in November 2023. "HE KNEW," the fan wrote on Twitter along with a screenshot of Travis' photo in the publication.

According to the report, Travis said that it's a miracle that Tay "can turn life into poetry." His profile pic across socials is also black and white, which potentially proves that he and Taylor's A-list pals like Blake Lively are in on the Easter eggs for her next era. 👀

Travis has yet to confirm whether he planted the seed during his interview, but I'll be tuned in to his New Heights podcast to see if he decides to debrief with his brother, Jason Kelce.


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