Fans Surface Keg Stand Photos Of Kim Kardashian After She Claims She’s ‘Never Had A Beer’

kim kardashian visits munich
Kim Kardashian Says She's 'Never Had A Beer'Florian Seefried - Getty Images

While Kim Kardashian has notoriously steered clear of alcohol, the reality star began to "drink a little" and "let loose" in the last year. And while she typically sticks to "tequila and pineapple juice," Kim gave beer a try during the The Kardashians premiere...for the first time ever?!

After arriving in Cabo for a family trip, Khloé admitted she had "never had a regular beer" before, besides a Red Stripe in Jamaica. While sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner were shocked at the admission, Kim quickly chimed in to agree. "I don't think I will like," she said, as Khloé handed over the bottle of Corona. "Oh, it is kind of sweet! I've never had a beer."

Fans were quick to bring out the receipts proving that Kim has in fact tried beer before. In a slideshow shared to X a.k.a. Twitter, one user pointed out that Kim has not only tried beer, but was photographed drinking one in full-on lederhosen with momager Kris Jenner, carrying Guinness pints, and doing a keg stand.

TikTokers similarly called out Kardashian, with one writing, "why do they love to lie?" Another shared photos from Kim Kardashian's UK pub outing in March. "Imagine slugging pints at the pub and all of a sudden Kim K rolls up and orders a round of baby Guinness?"

Kim and Khloé's (maybe fake?) admissions brought out the internet trolls, naturally. "These two could be the least relatable people on planet earth," one user wrote on Twitter. "Khloe Kardashian never having a beer before is the most Calabasas thing ever," another added.

It's not, however, the first time the family has been accused of being out of touch. In fact, in season 3 of The Kardashians, Kris Jenner handed Khloé a whopping $300 just to buy burgers from In-N-Out.

"I don’t know how the f8ck you have never been to a fast food restaurant. We don’t need hundreds of dollars," the Khloé said. "My mom gave me $100 [to pay for cheeseburgers]. She tried to give me $300 — I don’t think she realized how much fast food restaurants are."

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