Fantasy Baseball Pickups - East Coast Adds!

Yahoo Fantasy analyst Scott Pianowski offers a pair of pickups for managers including an outfielder making a move to the top of the batting order.

Video Transcript


SCOTT PIANOWSKI: Scott Pianowski, Yahoo Sports. You need some pickups for your fantasy baseball team. And I am here to provide couple of names.

How about Lane Thomas in Washington? I get it. The Nationals are one of the weakest teams in baseball right now. But Lane Thomas has percolated to the top of that lineup. He's actually the outfielder 11 if you crunch 5 by 5 value over the last two weeks.

He's hitting for a plus average. He's offering a little power, a little speed, and he's been a good player since he joined this team. He's got a 113 OPS+ since he joined the Washington club. So as long as he's getting that volume in the leadoff spot, I don't care.

The rest of the team isn't so great. Top of the lineup's OK, bottom of the lineup not so good. But Lane Thomas hitting leadoff and filling all categories right now. He should be rostered in a lot more Yahoo leagues.

How about Dean Kremer in Baltimore? Got off to a rough start to begin the season, but his last six turns, he's won five of them. ERA of 3.34. He was a worthy fantasy pickup last year.

And I'm just gonna say it. I think Baltimore is the second-best team in the American League. Maybe there's no catching the Rays, although they've had some injury problems of late. But Baltimore looks like a deep team, a young team, I think a team that will improve at the trade deadline. Good ERA, solid ratio, four strikeouts for every walk-- Dean Kremer can help you in Baltimore.