Fantasy Basketball - Postseason pickups

Yahoo Fantasy analyst Dan Titus looks to the Dallas Mavericks for some players who could help lead managers to a fantasy title in Week 22.

Video Transcript

- Week 21 is almost done. So if you're playing for the semifinals or potentially a fantasy championship, here are our two moves you need to make immediately in fantasy basketball. Pick up Josh Green of the Dallas Mavericks. Number one, the Mavericks have a great four-game schedule with no back to backs in Week 22.

But secondly, the injuries between Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving are definitely becoming concerning. Luka is gonna be a pain tolerance thing, and it looks like Kyrie's foot injury is also gonna be a pain tolerance thing, but he said he already needs more time. So I think that will slot in Josh Green very well for Week 22 to go off.

He's already averaging over 20 points with six rebounds and 6 assists over his last three games, playing heavy minutes for the Mavs. So that's a guy that you can trust heading into Week 22. But I would also look at Jaden Hardy. The rookie's been playing well, also averaging over 20 points per game over his last three. But he will hurt you in field goal percentage, and he doesn't really do much in terms of assists.

But he has gotten at least six rebounds in his last couple of games, and this guy just chucks from three. So he'll definitely be a boost for anyone looking for 3-pointers. But both of these guys are well under 25% rostered right now, and you want to jump ahead of this before next week, where your opponent could possibly scoop up an advantage there with the Mavericks having a pretty favorable schedule and not really knowing if Luka or Kyrie are going to be back in the fold. So pick up Josh Green and Jaden Hardy.