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If you could give a fantasy award to a player, what would the award be and who would win it?

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MATT HARMON: This is a very grand appearance. What are you expecting, a speech? Just start the show.


It's week 18 here in the "Fantasy Football Survival Kit." That means, for the most part, fantasy football is over. Championships were awarded last week. And if you're still playing in week 18, we've got a few other things to discuss here. OK? We've got to talk about a few of those issues that you're dealing with.

But, again, season is mostly over, so let's take a look back before we move on to the next chapter and hand out some awards. We asked you people, the people, my people, if you could give an award to one player, who would it be and why. And you delivered with some awesome, creative responses. This first one-- yes, the Busiest Beaver Award goes to Jonathan Taylor.

Number one, amazing reference. There was no way I was going to pass this tweet up to use in this segment. Number two, absolutely correct. Yeah, Jonathan Taylor has been getting busy all year long, winning people fantasy championships. If you had Jonathan Taylor, you had the thing, the most valuable running back in the game.

The guy scored touchdowns. The guy's doing everything. I mean, again, he'd been getting busy all year long-- running people over, running through people, catching passes out of the backfield. He's actually really improved as a pass blocker, as well, which I know doesn't matter to fantasy football.

But it certainly matters to the Colts and it matters to Jonathan Taylor. That's what's kept him on the field all year long. That's what's kept him being a dynamic league winner. Yes, the Busiest Beaver Award goes to Jonathan Taylor for getting busy and winning people leagues all year long.

This next one, yes, I'm Amon-Ra St. Brown, the End of Season Sleeper Award. And I want you to remember something when it comes to Amon-Ra St. Brown. He teaches us, I think, a very invaluable lesson when it comes to rookie wide receivers in fantasy football. And I'm not talking about the guys, you know, going the top five, the first round guys like Ja'Marr Chase. OK? They've been relevant all season long.

But for a lot of guys like Amon-Ra St. Brown, even Elijah Moore, a certain extent to, you know, Rashod Bateman potentially, too-- these guys who-- listen. If you drafted Amon-Ra St. Brown back in August, I guaran-damn-tee you, you probably dropped this guy. OK? But if you were the shark that saw once we got past his bye week-- once we saw a roll promotion for him, then you picked him up, and you've been starting him every single week since then. And he has been a dynamic league winner for the Detroit Lions. I think he's here to stay. I think he deserves this End of Season Sleeper Award. I think this is a huge one for him. Can't wait to see how this guy's career develops and moves on.

Yes. We had to award-- this one, I think, was my favorite. There was no way I could not use this response, the Finish Him Award to Najee Harris, yet again another great reference there. But more importantly, sometimes you watch something. You see it, and you just know you're watching something really special. You're watching, like, a piece of history that you're going to remember.

And I think that Najee Harris meaningless touchdown run that clinched people titles, again, like, out of nowhere-- people thought it was over. The Steelers were going to just kneel the ball and get out of there. They had no more hope anymore if they had Najee Harris. But ends up running in this, again, meaningless touchdown. That is a part of fantasy football history.

I mean, that is amazing. I had people sending me messages all week showing me, oh, my god, yes. This won me my league or even this run lost me my league. So, yes, to Finish Him Award goes to Najee Harris. What a great moment in fantasy football history, an absolutely deserved award.

Now, we've seen some creative awards. We've seen some cute little made up awards that you guys have had out there. You know, shout out to you. But sometimes you got to go with a tradition here. And, yes, Fantasy MVP, who else could it be? It must be Cooper Kupp. OK?

Again, you could consider Jonathan Taylor, maybe even Mark Andrews, perhaps Deebo Samuel at different times of the year. But I think this award starts and ends with Cooper Kupp. I feel like I say it all the time this year. But the consensus out there, most people didn't even have Cooper Kupp ranked as the top Rams wide receiver this year. I mean, most people-- not me-- shout out to me-- had Robert Woods ahead of Cooper Kupp.

That's crazy to think now what a value he was in drafts. And, even worse, most people were drafting dust ball running backs like Mike Davis in the range where Cooper Kupp was going. He turned out to be a league winner. He turned out to be amazing. And he deserves every bit of this MVP honor. He has been clutch for those who drafted him. I mean, what an amazing-- and especially if you didn't trade him at the beginning of the year. All those, like, sell high articles about Cooper Kupp aged pretty poorly. Yeah. This guy has been the dominant force in fantasy football this year, totally deserving of the MVP.

Now it's time for the Worst Tweet of the Week. And, Michael, I'm actually gonna give-- I'm not gonna allow you to take this award. OK? I'm gonna give it-- I'm gonna take it and I'm not gonna give it to you. OK? Because you're not the idiot of the year for drafting Christian McCaffrey number one overall. I mean, everybody was drafting Christian McCaffrey number one overall. OK?

Yes, was there some risk of injury to Christian McCaffrey after he missed all that time last year? Of course, there was. But look at the entire first round of running backs. I mean, Alvin Kamara missed time this year, and then banged you in the playoffs. Dalvin Cook has been absent from games, like, three times at points this year. Derrick Henry has been on IR forever. OK?

So there was really nowhere else to go that would have been the right answer. So you are not the Idiot of the Year Award. Was there a risk to Christian McCaffrey? Sure. But there's risk to everything in life. But that's OK, because we face those risks and we move forward. And that is where I'm going to leave you people today.

Yes. Fantasy football, for the most part, is over. We've handed out the awards. We've given praise to the guys who have deserved it. And now it's time for you to unplug your brain from fantasy for a while, and disengage with this weird little hobby. I'd still like you to, you know, follow and engage my content, though. I mean, I got to keep the lights on here in this stadium somehow.

But, for the time being, you get to relax. You get to not get all caught up in this thing. And we get to do it all again for the 2022 season. And this time it's totally not going to be frustrating. It's going to be great. It's going to be so much fun, you're gonna love it. No, seriously, this time it's gonna be fun and we're not gonna have any stressful things. It'll be great.

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