Taunting leads to field goal leads to fantasy football bad beats

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Did you suffer a crushing loss in Week 9, by way of a last-second defeat or a blowout?

Well, we here at Yahoo Fantasy are here for you, yet again, and always. We want to know all about it (so we can laugh at you) so we can help you get through it. Judge Andy Behrens can assist you through these troubled times, in Week 9 and every week of the 2021 fantasy football season.

Speaking of Week 9, it was about as upside-down as you can possibly imagine with underdogs taking down big favorites and stars struggling to perform.

Monday night had a bit of an unexpected result as well, with the Bears and Steelers — a game many thought would be a low-scoring slog — actually turned into a back-and-forth slugfest that went well over the betting total (40). The Steelers ultimately won, 29-27, thanks to a late Chris Boswell field goal.

And while that field goal sunk the hopes of many a fantasy manager, it's how the Steelers even got to make that field goal that really hurts.

Their opportunity came courtesy of one of the weirdest taunting penalties so far this NFL season. Just watch the video above and you'll see what we mean ...

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