So far, so good with Loch Lomond Road construction, Saint John says

Saint John is one week into a six-month construction project on the city's east side as part of the Safe Clean Drinking Water project and, so far, things are progressing well, says the project manager.

Two crews are working on Loch Lomond Road, between McDonald Street and Westmorland Road, to try to get that busy stretch done more quickly, Dean Price told CBC News on Monday.

In the meantime, the detour routes of Westmorland Road for eastbound motorists and McDonald Street to Mount Pleasant Avenue East for those travelling west, appear to be working effectively, he said.

"So far, we've had no problems or complaints."

People seem to appreciate the work to install a new water transmission main is short-term pain for long-term gain, said Price.

"We are abandoning a couple of cast iron pipes from the 1800s, so it's time to upgrade those pipes and it will make a much more reliable water system with a lot less disruptions and better water quality," he said.

Although some area business owners have expressed concerns about the impact lane closures and detours will have on business, Price said flaggers at the barricades will let people in to access homes and businesses.

"So we want to remind people all the businesses along there are easily accessible, they just have to stop and talk to the flaggers," he said.

The current work is expected to take roughly two months, then crews will move to a different location — likely Westmorland Road, which will take until the end of the summer, said Price.

Work along Loch Lomond Road, between Hickey Road and Bon Accord Drive, hasn't really started yet, but will probably start soon, he said.

"But they're aren't going to be actually working on the street, so there's going to be very little, if any, disruption. Folks travelling out there won't really notice a whole lot of activity, which is good because that's a very busy corridor."

Construction has been underway for more than a year to replace, repair and fix water pipes heading to the new water-treatment site at Latimore Lake Road.

The project is expected to be completed by 2018 and cost about $278 million.

Anyone looking for information about the project can call 658-4455 at any time, said Price.