Faraday passes their 2022 final budget

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At their meeting on May 4, Faraday Township council passed their 2022 final budget, after a brief presentation by Dawn Switzer, the clerk and treasurer. After a brief discussion, some queries and congratulations from council to Switzer and staff for a job well done, council voted to pass the final 2022 budget.

At their meeting on April 6, Faraday council received their 2022 draft budget from Switzer, and after a brief discussion, it was revealed that the township would see a 1.98 per cent increase in the tax levy, although Switzer said at that point, they didn’t have the county levy yet.

At the May 4 meeting’s discussion on the final budget, introduced by Mayor Dennis Purcell, Switzer said that staff made some revisions because of a change in the fire department budget due to request for quotation results for the pumper/tanker. She said the proposed budgeted amount was for $200,000 but due to the actual cost of $545,000 they added to the budget and are using the reserves so there would be no changes to the tax levy.

Switzer said that she and staff had confirmed all the calculations, added the Hastings County levy, which they hadn’t had last month and had arrived at a tax levy increase of 1.85 per cent.

All of council thought this tax rate increase was an excellent result and Purcell congratulated Switzer and staff.

“You keeping it under two per cent is a remarkable achievement under these conditions,” he says.

Council subsequently passed the bylaw to adopt the final 2022 budget later on in the meeting.

Michael Riley, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Bancroft Times

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